• Personal Data Protection

    Our legal company offers various legal services in the feld of personal data protection: • Personal Data Protection Audit - evaluates the situation in the company, examines the objectives, basis, principles and safety of data processing; Ensuring company’s activities compliance with personal data protection standards, including determination of data processing objectives, establishing the basis of processing: preparing letters of consent, contractual articles, administration of fling systems catalogs and registration of the company on the website of Personal Data Protection Inspector.

  • Corporate and Commercial Law

    CCLA - Law Consulting Agency has a vast experience in Corporate and Commercial transactions. Areas of expertise include company and branch formation, commercial transactions, splitting, corporate reconstructions, mergers and acquisitions, credit facilities, issuance of securities, various types of financing. We tailor our long-term service contracts to clients’ needs and provide services which are most important to them. If necessary company seconds its junior associate at client’s office for a relevant period of time, thus providing ongoing advice on important issues. Currently CC Legal & Advisory has long-term service contracts with up to 15 companies. These Companies Rely on CC Legal & Advisory for their day-to-day activities.

  • Public-Private Partnership

    Our Law Office provides direct legal support for the most signifcant actors of the Public-Private Partnership system in Georgia. Our Law firm was tasked by Asian Development Bank to be its Project Coordinator. The Government of Georgia requested policy and advisory technical assistance (TA) from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to help develop an enabling framework for public–private partnerships (PPPs) in the country. ADB selected Mr. Ucha Dzimistarishvili and signed the contract with CC Legal and Advisory. 

  • Banking & Finance

    Finance sector is a driving force of CCLA. In less than a year company has become a leading law firm for the microfinance organizations and online lenders. Currently we have long-term service contract with up to 10 microfinance organizations and online lenders, among them are the biggest names in the sector: Vivus, Crediton, Moneyman, Solva, Netcredit, and etc. CCLA assisted several of these clients to attain status of microfinance organization and in registration at National Bank of Georgia. Services in finance sector include registration as Microfinance Organization, AML reporting, compliance with consumer protection laws, structuring of portfolio sale and loan assignment transactions etc.

  • Litigation in Court and Arbitration

    Our law frm handles hundreds of court cases every month provided by microfinance organizations and online lending companies. The strength of the company during dispute resolutions are high level of organization of cases, putting additional efforts for not only winning cases, but also, providing positions which will enable clients to have precedent decisions from the courts, by using national and international case law applicable for each case.

  • LawBot

    We have created the first Georgian lawyer bot - LawBot which is the winner of the Startup Matching Grants Program.

    LawBot can currently analyze several kinds of fines in Tbilisi and it can also draft legal documents such as contracts and acceptance-delivery acts. The process takes less than 5 minutes. After answering several questions, Lawbot provides you with draft claim/contract/act instantly.

    LawBot is accessible from everywhere anytime!

  • Environmental Law

    Environmental Law is one of the priorities of our Law Firm. Our clients in this feld include governmental entities, international organizations and private sector as well. To name a few, we are proud to work with Ministry of Environment and National Resources Protection of Georgia, International School of Economics of Tbilisi (ISET), GIZ and other clients.