Our Team

CCLA - Law Consulting Agency was founded on August 29th, 2016 and it primary delivers legal advice in the field of business law. Our philosophy and core commitment is efficiency, professionalism, constructiveness and flexibility in our services provided for our clients. In current business environment creation of specific legal solutions and customized legal structures serving the best economic and business interests of the clients is indispensable for all enterprises. We are proud of the fact that we pay special attention to understanding economic and business background of our clients demands and fully explore the legal possibilities of their desired objectives. As a result, we fnd expedient and sufficiently complex solutions for our clients so that they will be able to implement their business decisions. Since its establishment our law firm has grown dramatically and currently employs 8 lawyers. Relatively small size of the law frm allows us to work with clients as closely as possible. Quick response time and involvement in day-to-day activities makes our law frm a suitable legal advisor to small and medium size enterprises in financial sector.


Our team consists of young and successful lawyers. Highly qualified consultation and maximal protection of client's interests is the goal of each of us. We are ready to provide you with timely and effective legal services. 




Ucha Dzimistarishvili


Koka Chedia

Senior Associate

Nana Natroshvili


Jemal Mezvrishvili


Mariam Sulikashvili